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Hypertension Specialist
Learn More About the Hypertension-Dementia Link

Dementia is a term that describes memory loss and cognitive decline. More than 55 million people globally are suffering from dementia and scientists are unaware of the exact cause of the condition. One of the conditions that affects dementia is hypertension. There exists previous research which says that people with hypertension are at greater risk […]

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best gastroenterologist in kolkata
Know More About Helicobacter Pylori

It’s a bacterium that affects the stomach and causes myriad problems for the person who is infected. Damaging the tissue of your stomach and upper small intestine, Helicobacter pylori can cause redness and soreness of the stomach tissues. However, the worst thing this bacterium can do is create painful sores in your stomach called peptic […]

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General Physician Doctor in Kolkata
Viral Fever Back to Torment Kolkata Residents

Many Kolkata residents have been taking ill with a bad bout of high fever and persistent cough. This phenomenon has come close on the heels of the outbreak of Adenovirus which had plagued Kolkata residents since January. Kolkata doctors believe that the cases are viral fever cases which are predominantly due to the influenza A […]

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How to Provide First Aid For Someone with Chest Pain?

Not every incident of chest pain is a heart attack nor is it benign as a heartburn. The truth is when a person experiences chest pain it can be due to a variety of factors each more critical than the next. So, what should a person do when any of their loved ones is suffering […]

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asthma specialist
What Exercises Are Safe To Do For Asthma Sufferers?

It goes without saying that asthma sufferers need to stay fit. However, it can be problematic for them to exercise given that they could suffer from exercise induced asthma as well. How to balance both, the need for exercise and the need to prevent an asthma attack? Always consult with an asthma specialist before you […]

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best kidney specialist in kolkata
Glomerulonephritis: Key Things You Need To Know

The kidney is made up of several tiny units called nephrons. Each nephron is made up of two parts, a glomerulus and a tubule. The glomerulus is a network of blood vessels that are responsible for allowing small molecules like wastes and water fluids to pass into the tubules while larger molecules like proteins and […]

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Fatty Liver Specialist Kolkata
Reversing Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

If you have been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, do not worry about the problem! There’s still hope to reverse the condition. With the right steps, you can get your healthy liver right back. So, what are the ways in which you can do this? Dr. Amitabha Saha, a fatty liver specialist in Kolkata, […]

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best gastroenterologist in Kolkata
Why You Need to Care About the Microbiome of the Gut?

Bacteria present in the gut have plenty of important functions. They help to break down food and are essential for the developmental and defensive functions of the body. There are around 1014 bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. They outnumber the human cells 10:1 and contribute close to 8 million extra genes! Every individual’s gut bacteria […]

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Why Is It Necessary To Stay Fit?

We hear it all the time! People talk about staying fit and the benefits of the same. But is it true? Are there benefits and is it necessary to stay fit? In today’s blog, one of the leading general physician doctors in Kolkata gives you an understanding of why it is necessary to stay fit […]

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General Physician Doctor in Kolkata
2023 Adenovirus Outbreak in West Bengal, Learn More

Adenovirus is a common group of viruses that causes cold or flu-like infections. According to researchers, there are around 50 types of adenovirus affecting humans. The condition tends to peak around winter and spring. At present, in West Bengal, there is an outbreak of adenovirus cases. The government has sent 500 samples to NICED and […]

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