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Has India Announced The Covid-Booster Shot Roll-Out?

India has already begun rolling out the covid vaccine booster shots. These are the precautionary third doses of the covid vaccine that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced last month. The vaccine distribution has begun with the health and frontline workers and immunocompromised seniors in light of the current covid spike owing to the Omicron […]

From Symptoms To Treatment, All That You Need To Know About Omicron

When we talk about the behavior of the new variant Omicron, we haven’t been able to derive much clarity about how easily or how fast it can spread, how severe its symptoms can be, or how well the vaccines we have can protect us from it. Several researchers are constantly doing their part with help […]

Difference Between Acute-Covid And Long-Covid

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that bring about intestinal and respiratory illness in animals and especially humans. The term “corona” has been given to them because of their crown-like spikes which are visible on the surface of the virus. The common cold, SARS ( severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) […]

Your Protection Gear against Covid-19!

It will surely be difficult to find someone in this whole universe who has not heard of the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. That is why in this article we will be talking about the most important part – looking for a Covid doctors in Kolkata. But before diving further let us get a better insight […]

DGCI agrees for conducting a study on mixing Covaxin & Covishield – My take on the matter

The Drugs Controller General of India or DCGI grants permission for conducting a study (Phase-4 clinical trial) based on the mixing of Covaxin and Covishield – the two primary Covid-19 vaccines in India. The study is said to be conducted by CMC or Christian Medical College in Vellore and will involve around 300 healthy volunteers.   […]

Dengue vs Malaria: Understanding The Difference

At a time when the news about covid-19 is spreading like wildfire, it is quite easy to forget about the other diseases that are plaguing the human population. Diseases like dengue and malaria are continuing to grow and having a worse impact than one can imagine! Unfortunately, diseases like these aren’t going to just fade […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pneumonia And Covid-19 Connection

Research states – Unlike typical pneumonia, Covid-19 pneumonia can spread like “wildfire” throughout our lungs. This could be an explanation why Covid-19 pneumonia lasts significantly longer and causes intense harm than regular pneumonia. Several studies have led to the belief that Covid-19 infects the smaller regions of our lungs unlike other varmints of pneumonia that […]

Post-Covid Complications: Effects after Recovery from Covid-19

“Can I lead a normal life again?” This question haunts the mind of every Covid-19 affected individual. Even after possible recovery from the grasp of this deadly virus, patients are further thrown into the abyss of health complications that make normalcy ‘late to return’. Now, this is an area that is under constant research and […]

Metabolic Syndrome Wreaking Havoc on Patients with Covid-19: An In-Depth Study

Ongoing researches are repeatedly linking metabolic syndrome with an elevated risk of devastating outcomes in Covid-19 patients.  Metabolic syndrome which amounts to conditions that increase a patient’s risk of cardiovascular problems is found to have the worst outcomes among Covid-hit individuals. The most prominent research that surfaced in the medical journal Diabetes Care recently, provides […]

Corona In Children – Essential Information For Parents And The Public About The Third Wave

The country’s leading news houses and medical experts already predicted that the 3rd wave is inevitable. As the unlocking phase is slowly rolling out, reckless behavior from the mass can once again skyrocket the number of Covid cases. Thus, it has posed a challenge for the nation’s youth as the vaccination drive is still a […]