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What Are the Types of Long-Term Asthma Control Medications?

Asthma is a long-term illness. It requires constant medical attention and a particular focus on medication to manage symptoms. You will need to be in touch with an asthma specialist like Dr Amitabha Saha to monitor your symptoms in the long run. Moreover, to manage the asthma condition, you will need medication based on your […]

Is Passive Smoking More Dangerous Than Active Smoking?

First off, let’s start with what passive smoking is. Passive smoking is when you breathe in another person’s tobacco smoke. Both the smoke from the tip of the cigarette, and the smoke exhaled by someone else smoking a cigarette, is known as passive or second hand smoking. If you are around a person who smokes, […]

All That You Need To Know About Pneumonia To Prevent It

As most of us know, an acute respiratory infection of the lungs is known as pneumonia. Alveoli are the small sacs present inside our body that make up the lungs. The alveoli fill up with air whenever a normal healthy person breathes but when a person is suffering from pneumonia what happens is that the […]