10 Problems for Which You Need a General Physician in Kolkata

General physicians are those doctors who are trained to take care of a wide variety of ailments. They are different from specialist doctors who study one part of the body or a special system only. Moreover, whenever we fall ill, the first person we see is a general physician. He or she then recommends us […]

Why Do The Best Medicine Doctors Recommend Oats and Daila as Part of The Diet?

To live a healthy life, you must eat the healthiest breakfast possible. What else do you need when dalia and oats are available? Dalia is considered to be healthier than oats and is used as one of the healthiest dinner/lunch and breakfast options. While both oats and dalia are beneficial to one’s health, we’ll go […]

Corona In Children – Essential Information For Parents And The Public About The Third Wave

The country’s leading news houses and medical experts already predicted that the 3rd wave is inevitable. As the unlocking phase is slowly rolling out, reckless behavior from the mass can once again skyrocket the number of Covid cases. Thus, it has posed a challenge for the nation’s youth as the vaccination drive is still a […]

Are Diabetic People More Prone to Covid and More Predisposed To Fungal Infection Post-Recovery? – All You Need to Know

The impact of Covid-19 has left many with great losses. While we thought the end of 2020 would also be the last sight for such menace, 2021 appears to be having its own set of consequences. The second wave has ripped us apart and is considerably more dangerous than what we had to face last […]

How Do Symptoms Of The New Coronavirus Strain Differ From The Old Ones?

As the country is returning back to its normal life, the virus is said to reappear. The new Covid strain is creating much of a hassle and panic among the citizens. As it was said that it is too early to claim that the storm had passed by, and the worst may be yet to […]

Why Should You Avoid Doctors Recommending Too Many Tests?

Don’t you get annoyed by the number of tests a doctor recommends each time you go for a health checkup or for simple cough and cold?  Well, considering the present scenario, a wide range of tests are required if catching a cold, but the situation wasn’t the same three years back, yet the need for […]

COVID-19 complications: Effect of coronavirus on pulmonary conditions

As coronavirus has swept across the globe, it is crucial to understand the effect of covid-19 on your pulmonary system. A close family of SARS, novel coronavirus also affects the respiratory tract in human beings. The infection which might start with mild flu-like symptoms can even cause death due to acute pneumonia and ARDS. In […]

Life after lockdown: 5 precautions to take the post-COVID-19 scenario

As the world is adopting the new normal, precautions must be taken to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Isolating yourself within the confinement of your space isn’t an option always. Instead, you must follow the covid-19 protocol for un-lockdown even though the restrictions have been lifted.  Here is a list of 5 safety tips: […]

Why regular health monitoring is essential, especially in elderly, post COVID recovery

Coronavirus has become the talk of the town and from children to the older adults, everyone is in fear of the virus. Several precautions are being taken to protect oneself from the deadly infection and to battle the situation with valour.  Attention, please!  Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world leaving many dead and many more […]