What is GERD and How Is it Treated?

Earlier GERD was conceived as a condition of the West and the Western lifestyle. However, this small yet serious condition is now rampant in Indian society as well. A Times of India publication in 2022, stated that GERD, or acid reflux, affects around 20-30% of the Indian population. Prolonged GERD is a very serious issue […]

Foods to Avoid If You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Recently, in our blogs, we have been talking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Apart from anxiety, one thing that exacerbates the problem is the foods you consume. So, those who suffer from IBS should be careful with their diet and avoid certain foods. Let’s take a look at what these foods are and why you should […]

Stomach Pain Doctor Specialist: Understanding Anxiety in IBS

Ever felt exceedingly anxious and then a sudden urge to clear your bowels? Or felt like you were in a stressful situation when your stomach started to pain? It is well known, but not yet proven, that the improper functioning of the brain affects the gut and the improper functioning of the gut with its […]

Best Gastroenterologist in Kolkata on 5 Cases It’s Vital to Make a Visit

Stomach problems plague us all from time to time. This could be a mild case of food poisoning or a case of acute irritable bowel syndrome. You never know which stomach ache is serious and which isn’t. Hence, the best gastroenterologist in Kolkata, Dr Amitabha Saha gives you 5 scenarios or cases, when you should […]