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Best Thyroid Specialist in Kolkata On the Link Between COVID-19 and Thyroiditis

COVID-19’s fourth wave is on the rise again. As people brace for the proliferation of cases, here is something you should be aware of—the link between COVID-19 and thyroiditis. Recently, researchers at the University of Milan, Italy, (research head Dr. Ilaria Muller) found a link between COVID-19 and thyroid dysfunction. These scientists found that people […]

Diabetes Treatment in Kolkata Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Experts and doctors consider Type 2 diabetes as an incurable and irreversible disorder. So far, treatment was focused only on controlling blood sugar levels and trying to prevent the onset of comorbidities. However, recently, there has been a shift in this trend, wherein the aim is to reverse Type 2 diabetes. On that note, if […]

A General Physician in Kolkata Views On Headaches

Headaches affect around 75% of the global population. They are a major cause of absenteeism in school and social activities. Moreover, headaches can be classified into 2 types: primary and secondary. So let’s take a look at this general physician doctor in Kolkata’s views on headaches. Primary Headaches Primary headaches are those that aren’t caused […]