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Everything You Need To Know About Pneumonia And Covid-19 Connection

Research states – Unlike typical pneumonia, Covid-19 pneumonia can spread like “wildfire” throughout our lungs. This could be an explanation why Covid-19 pneumonia lasts significantly longer and causes intense harm than regular pneumonia. Several studies have led to the belief that Covid-19 infects the smaller regions of our lungs unlike other varmints of pneumonia that […]

Post-Covid Complications: Effects after Recovery from Covid-19

“Can I lead a normal life again?” This question haunts the mind of every Covid-19 affected individual. Even after possible recovery from the grasp of this deadly virus, patients are further thrown into the abyss of health complications that make normalcy ‘late to return’. Now, this is an area that is under constant research and […]

Metabolic Syndrome Wreaking Havoc on Patients with Covid-19: An In-Depth Study

Ongoing researches are repeatedly linking metabolic syndrome with an elevated risk of devastating outcomes in Covid-19 patients.  Metabolic syndrome which amounts to conditions that increase a patient’s risk of cardiovascular problems is found to have the worst outcomes among Covid-hit individuals. The most prominent research that surfaced in the medical journal Diabetes Care recently, provides […]