Metabolic Syndrome Wreaking Havoc on Patients with Covid-19: An In-Depth Study

Ongoing researches are repeatedly linking metabolic syndrome with an elevated risk of devastating outcomes in Covid-19 patients. 

Metabolic syndrome which amounts to conditions that increase a patient’s risk of cardiovascular problems is found to have the worst outcomes among Covid-hit individuals. The most prominent research that surfaced in the medical journal Diabetes Care recently, provides in-depth information on the underlying risks affecting the severity of Coronavirus infection. 

But, before that let us understand what metabolic is and how it affects us…

Metabolic Syndrome: A brief study 

As per the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute –

The term “Metabolic Syndrome” is coined to describe a cluster of health conditions that can affect an individual’s risk of heart and other diseases. To be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome means, the patient has to exhibit at least 3 of 5 specific medical conditions. 

The conditions include:

  • Hypertension 
  • Obesity 
  • Lower levels of high-density lipoprotein  
  • Pre-diabetes or diabetes 
  • Hypertriglyceridemia

The studies have confirmed the severity of the outcome with Covid patients suffering from one of these health complications. Therefore, this should be alleviated at the earliest to reduce the chances of fatalities. You can consult with the best Covid doctors in Kolkata like Dr. Amitabha Saha who holds experience in treating Covid-19 patients with metabolic syndrome alongside other medical conditions. 

How is Metabolic Syndrome linked to the rising number of deaths? 

Eminent researchers have compared the Covid patients suffering from metabolic syndrome with those without any. Upon noticing the severity of the outcome has led to the belief that patients suffering from both are more prone to –

  1. Develop ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
  2. Require intensive care or Ventilation, and 
  3. Even meeting death. 

Here is what studies have found out:

  1. More than 50% of patients required intensive care (as compared to less than 25% of those without the syndrome)
  2. Near about 40% developed symptoms of ARDS (as compared to a mere 11% without the syndrome)
  3. Around 50% of patients needed ventilation (as compared to less than 20% of those without the specified complication)
  4. A shocking 26% of patients died from Covid-19 (as compared to only 10% without signs of metabolic syndrome)

Startling revelations from researches   

Even considering the different variables like age, race, sex, and location –research has concluded that patients with metabolic syndrome have a shockingly higher mortality rate (3.4 times approx) than individuals without it.    

Persons suffering from this specific health complication are almost 5 times more likely to require intensive care unit and ventilation or develop signs of ARDS. Interestingly, researchers have found that individuals without metabolic syndrome have much higher chances of recovering from Covid-19 than otherwise. However, diabetic and obese patients might require admittance to intensive care but with, a higher likelihood of recovery. 

As per case studies laid by a renowned professor of medicine –

“Health conditions like obesity combined with high blood pressure, diabetes, and abnormal HDL levels can cause higher incidence of mortality (in the age group 45-70). More the complications, worse are the Covid-19 outcome. 

It is observed that the underlying inflammation in the case of metabolic syndrome is the culprit. It acts as the driving agent resulting in the severity of cases. Hence, it can be concluded that metabolic syndrome is a composite predictor of the lethal outcome of Covid-19. 

This significantly increases the possibility of deaths by the collective effects of its individual components.”  

Therefore, non-Covid patients with the above-mentioned disorders should consult with the best general physician near me in an approach to nip these conditions in the bud. 

Our take on this matter 

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing severe knock-on effects on patients suffering from metabolic diseases. We encourage the patients to take this matter seriously as it can have fatal outcomes. It is a lethal factor influencing the diagnosis and prognosis of Covid-19. 

The drugs that are presently administered are promising in treating the infection but, it demands further research nonetheless to guarantee its 100% safe & efficient. As the clinical trials for combined effects of Covid-19 & metabolic syndrome have undeniable (sparsely) adverse effects, a vaccine for long-term immunization is still the best shot! 

We also urge the Covid doctors, general physicians, and various patient-interest groups (related to metabolism & diabetes) to voice out the need for quick admission of such patients and ensure adequate care and speedy recovery. 

Summarizing all up 

Coping with the backlash of the post-Covid world is already challenging enough. Considering our nation’s healthcare system, transcending from acute emergency scenarios to dealing with the aftermath of future healthcare management will pose a threat indeed. 

Given the current pandemic scenario, this situation will still last for months (or, worse even years). Hence, the medical community must spring into action so that they can deliver evidence-based care for patients suffering from chronic metabolic syndrome.