Are Diabetic People More Prone to Covid and More Predisposed To Fungal Infection Post-Recovery? – All You Need to Know

The impact of Covid-19 has left many with great losses. While we thought the end of 2020 would also be the last sight for such menace, 2021 appears to be having its own set of consequences.

The second wave has ripped us apart and is considerably more dangerous than what we had to face last year. While we thought the storm was calm, another reason for concern was established – Mucormycosis or Black Fungus.

Evaluating both Covid-19 and Mucormycosis we have established one point of similarity along with several others, which is, diabetes. Diabetic patients have shown extreme vulnerability to Covid-19 and Mucormycosis.

Let us understand how diabetes acts as a catalyst for both Covid-19 and Mucormycosis –

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that is caused by the Novel Coronavirus. It initially has flu-like symptoms that develop into respiratory illness and other complicated ailments which may lead to death as well. It is highly contagious and can spread through close contact with the one who has been infected with the virus.

Some of the common symptoms may include –

Sore throat
Congested nose
Weakness and tiredness
Shortness of breath
Once you experience any of these symptoms, do get in touch with a Covid doctor to avail the best Covid treatment in Kolkata.

How diabetes affects Covid-19 patients?

The leading Covid doctors in Kolkata believe that patients with diabetes if get affected with Covid-19 has more adverse effects than the rest of the general population.

But it is not diabetes alone that increases the severity of Covid-19 for the patient. There are several other conditions and comorbidities such as hypertension, obesity, respiratory disorders that increase the impact of the infection if patients with the mentioned comorbidity get affected with Covid-19.

Several studies summarised that patients with control diabetes have a higher survival rate from Covid-19 than the ones who have failed to manage diabetes adequately. Diabetic or patients with hypertension should keep their blood sugar and blood pressure levels under control as Covid-19 is prone to get severe with these underlying conditions.

What to do if you have diabetes and have been infected with Covid?

In case you are a patient with diabetes and have been affected by Covid-19, chances are, you can take care of yourself at your home while being on a strict medical consultation. But if you stay at home do make sure that you are able to be physically distant from other members of your house.

Usually, asymptomatic patients with mild cold symptoms are prescribed to stay at home if it is possible, regardless if they have diabetes or not. Nevertheless, it is important for the patient to continuously monitor the symptoms and keep a close eye on the blood sugar levels. It has been noticed that Covid makes it difficult for patients with diabetes however can be treated conveniently if they have adequate insulin supplies.

If you are a diabetic patient with Covid staying at home, here are some of the supplies that you should always keep available –
Insulin needle / pens
Glucometer or glucose monitor
Additional supplies for insulin pump
Constant touch with doctors, essential service providers, supply delivery agents and family members

In case the situation gets out of control, it is better to seek medical help immediately than to observe the symptoms at home. If you need to get admitted to the hospital make sure you speak with the doctor well in advance.

Adding more stress to the already messed up condition…

Covid recovered patients are now being affected with Mucormycosis or Black Fungus. This is due to the already weakened immune system triggered by the increase in the number of steroids. Although treatable if diagnosed at the initial stages, Mucormycosis can affect the eyes, nose and other essential organs. The increase in the number of this fungal infection has now been termed an epidemic as it has wreaked havoc in the lives of many Covid-recovered patients. It normally affects the –
Chest cavities
Central nervous system
Some of the common symptoms include –
Blurred or double vision with pain
Blackish lesion on the nose bridge or upper mouth palate
Nasal congestion
One-sided facial pain
Pleural effusion
Chest pain

Why are Covid patients more at risk of Mucormycosis?

Covid-recovered patients with critical comorbidities or who have been under excessive steroids or immunosuppressant medications are highly prone to Mucormycosis. This is due to the fact that immunosuppressants and steroids are known to immensely affect the immune system, making the patient incapable of fighting against Mucormycosis and hence are becoming highly prone to this fungal infection. The risk further increases if the patient has been diagnosed with uncontrolled blood glucose levels as the need for steroids increases that further compromises the immune system.

Risk factors for Mucormycosis

As mentioned, diabetic patients, patients under steroids and immunosuppression medication, critical covid-19 patients, and Covid-recovered patients with a weakened system are at a much higher risk of being infected with Mucormycosis or Black Fungus.
Treatment may include liposomal Amphotericin B infusion and other drugs like Isavuconazole. However, controlling glucose level, and reducing the intake of steroids under constant doctor consultation is deemed fit to tackle such fungal infection post-Covid.
In case you notice symptoms of Mucormycosis and have been recovered from Covid, get in touch with a Covid doctor to avail the best Covid treatment in Kolkata.
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