Life after lockdown: 5 precautions to take the post-COVID-19 scenario

As the world is adopting the new normal, precautions must be taken to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Isolating yourself within the confinement of your space isn’t an option always. Instead, you must follow the covid-19 protocol for un-lockdown even though the restrictions have been lifted. 

Here is a list of 5 safety tips:

Use mask and sanitizer always

Irrespective of whether you are commuting on a public transport or private one you should never forget to put on your mask and carry hand sanitizers. Once you reach the destination sanitize the contact places immediately. 

If public transport is your only hope then maintain a safe distance from your fellow passengers and price to board a crowded bus or train even if you are running late.  Nothing is more dear than your safety!

Maintain social distancing whenever possible 

If you are in the vicinity of the market for a crowded area and it is an unavoidable scenario, follow the guidelines for covid-19 to safeguard yourself and, also the others. However, accidents do occur. And, despite following every protocol you might get infected with the coronavirus. 

Under such circumstances, delaying isn’t an option! Get yourself checked at your nearest healthcare facility. If you have been tested positive, you should consult professional help from reputed medical practitioners like Dr Amitabha Saha. With over 22 years of experience and in-depth knowledge in treating covid-19 patients, you can book an appointment online from the website. 

Employ hygiene resources

Travel smartly by carrying disposable gloves, mask, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and use them effectively to combat the risk of transmission of the virus. If you have to use public washrooms then invest in toilet seat sanitizer for disposable sheets to sit on and sanitize all the contact points possible! 

Use online services whenever possible 

In the lockdown era, the usage of online services has skyrocketed. And, that should be continued even in the un-lockdown phase also. As most of your necessary items are the groceries or medicines; are available online it is the risk of trying to purchase them from your local stores. 

Following the covid-19 protocols is not just for preventing the spread of coronavirus but also, contributing to a healthy and emerging India. 

Staying indoors and informed 

Unnecessary travel means exposure to unidentified risks. Thus, it is recommended that you stay indoors as much as possible and use online resources to connect with the world. Along with that, it is encouraged to stay up to date with the latest news on the coronavirus situation and keep your friends & family updated on the same. 

Final thoughts…

By following these guidelines, you are taking responsibility in your own hands for your own decisions. Help the Indian government to release the action plans for redesigning existing facilities reducing demand but enhancing capacity at the same time. 

This way, you can not only prevent yourself from the clasp of covid-19 but also, contribute to a safer environment around you!