COVID-19 complications: Effect of coronavirus on pulmonary conditions

As coronavirus has swept across the globe, it is crucial to understand the effect of covid-19 on your pulmonary system. A close family of SARS, novel coronavirus also affects the respiratory tract in human beings. The infection which might start with mild flu-like symptoms can even cause death due to acute pneumonia and ARDS. In most of the cases, 80% of the patients exhibited miles in terms 5% suffered a septic shock 14% affected with pneumonia, and 2% suffered death from (mostly, respiratory failure). 

Although an individual infected with covid-19 can be cured, its effect on the underline symptoms of your body, especially the lungs, should not be neglected! Here are some of the effects of covid-19 on lungs


An acronym for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, it is caused by severe covid-19 infection leading to ARDS and pneumonia. 

When an individual is infected by the virus he/she acts as carriers and might not exhibit any symptoms. Such individuals are at a much higher risk of infecting others with dividers without even knowing it! 

The next group of individuals suffer from sudden bouts of mild to moderate fever, headache, cough or possible conjunctivitis. This is caused by an infection in the upper respiratory tract. 

Next comes the category of infected individuals whose symptoms have elevated to the level of fatality. They require immediate hospitalization otherwise risking multiple organ failure & possible death. 


If the effect of covid-19 on lungs isn’t diagnosed in the preliminary stages, devices can work to damage the walls of the alveoli and capillaries. Now if the air sacs (alveoli) have been damaged, there is an influx of liquid (mostly, inflamed RBCs and proteins) which builds up leading to pneumonia. This condition impairs the oxygen intake capacity of your lungs and hinders the oxygen exchange process. There are several indicators which ascertain and an acute case of pneumonia –

    • Hypoxia (a condition; due to the damage of the LV only the oxygen levels in the blood drastically falls) 
    • Difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath
    • Worsening of coronavirus symptoms day by day 
    • Chest X rays exhibit a glassy or opaque looking blockage in the lungs 

Whatever the case might be, notifying the help department on the first symptoms of covid-19 is crucial for your health and the safety of others around you. 

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Staying safe in COVID-19 scenario

While the vaccine for covid-19 is still under work and could take years before it is tested and finally administered, it is best that you stay safe by staying indoors (as much as possible) and avoid crowds. You must also follow the protocols laid out by the Indian government, maintain hygiene & simple precautions at all times.