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Viral Fever Back to Torment Kolkata Residents

Many Kolkata residents have been taking ill with a bad bout of high fever and persistent cough. This phenomenon has come close on the heels of the outbreak of Adenovirus which had plagued Kolkata residents since January. Kolkata doctors believe that the cases are viral fever cases which are predominantly due to the influenza A […]

Why You Need to Care About the Microbiome of the Gut?

Bacteria present in the gut have plenty of important functions. They help to break down food and are essential for the developmental and defensive functions of the body. There are around 1014 bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. They outnumber the human cells 10:1 and contribute close to 8 million extra genes! Every individual’s gut bacteria […]

2023 Adenovirus Outbreak in West Bengal, Learn More

Adenovirus is a common group of viruses that causes cold or flu-like infections. According to researchers, there are around 50 types of adenovirus affecting humans. The condition tends to peak around winter and spring. At present, in West Bengal, there is an outbreak of adenovirus cases. The government has sent 500 samples to NICED and […]