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COVID Doctor in Kolkata On Post COVID Sequela and What You Can Do

Doctors define post-COVID syndrome as the signs and symptoms that develop during or after an infection consistent with COVID-19 which continues for more than 12 weeks and is not explained by an alternative diagnosis.

Dr. Amitabha Saha, one of the best COVID doctors in Kolkata, talks about the post-COVID sequela and what you can do about it. Let’s find out more on the topic below.

Post-COVID Sequela and What You Can Do About It


  • Post-COVID Cardiac Sequelae

Long-term sequelae may include:

  1. arrhythmias
  2. increased cardio-metabolic demands
  3. heart failure
  4. inappropriate sinus tachycardia and autonomic dysfunctions
  5. myocardial fibrosis or myocardial scar
  6. persistent left ventricular dysfunction

Fatigue has been reported as the most common symptom along with chest pain, dyspnoea and palpitation. Patients with cardiac comorbidities (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, prior myocardial infarction, heart failure, atrial fibrillation) should be managed properly.

What the doctor may prescribe:

  1. Avoid intense cardiovascular exercise in cardiac patients.
  2. Do not stop the prescribed medication on your own.
  3. Do not take over-the-counter medication.
  4. Do not ignore warning signs like high-grade fever, oxygen saturation <93%, chest pain, dizziness, syncope or palpitations.

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  • Post-COVID Gut-intestinal Sequelae

COVID-19 may also cause stomach problems resulting in GI manifestations such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and hepatitis.

What the doctor may prescribe:

If you have diarrhoea, dyspepsia, or abdominal pain, the COVID doctor in Kolkata will assess the situation and provide treatment as per the guidelines.

  • Post-COVID neurological Sequelae

Doctors have observed that post-COVID neurological illness can involve both the upper and lower motor neurons. There is, as of now, no robust evidence of the effect of COVID-19 on meningitis or encephalitis, however, there are deleterious effects on neurons, myelin sheath, glial cells, and astrocytes which may go on to cause:

  1. Multiple sclerosis
  2. Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders
  3. Anti-MOG antibody disease

Headaches and sleep disturbances are also very common. Moreover, any other neurological sequela should be immediately reported to the doctor.

What the doctor may prescribe:

Careful treatment is recommended including history elicitation, clinical examination, and appropriate management should be done.

  • Post-COVID Respiratory Sequelae

Patients that have shortness of breath (mMRC grade 2 or more), dry cough or chest pain for more than 4 weeks of COVID diagnosis, without an alternative diagnosis, can be considered to have long-term respiratory effects of COVID-19.

Some of the symptoms may include acute or severe chest pain, dyspnoea, hypotension, haemoptysis, and high-grade fever. Those who are above the age of 60, smokers, suffering from diabetes, asthma, COPD, and other conditions are at greater risk for post-COVID pulmonary complications.

What the doctor may prescribe:

Doctors may prescribe a nutritious diet, age-appropriate exercise and monitoring of parameters like oxygen saturation. Comorbidities should also be managed. Treatment for dry cough, wheezing, cough arising from gastro-oesophageal reflux and post nasal drip will be treated as per the guidelines issued by the government.

  • Post-COVID Endocrinology Sequelae

Some of the endocrinopathies observed in post-COVID-19 sequelae include type 2 diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorder and to some small extent adrenal, pituitary and gonads.

What the doctor may prescribe:

The doctor may prescribe follow-up post-discharge with FBS and PPBS after 2 weeks. Apart from the treatment according to government guidelines, there will be a review after 3-6 months for type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-diabetic with in-hospital hyperglycaemia detected.
Moreover, for those with hypothyroidism and thyrotoxicosis, there will be assessment and treatment as per the guidelines prescribed.

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  • Post-COVID Renal Sequelae

Post-acute COVID-19 patients may exhibit an increased risk of kidney outcomes like acute kidney injury (AKI), eGFR decline, end-stage kidney disease and a variety of glomerular diseases.

What the doctor may prescribe:

The doctor may prescribe follow-up check-ups, urine routine examination, ultrasound of kidneys, blood urea and creatinine, etc, as per the guidelines set.


As the fourth wave reaches its peak, it should be known that post-COVID sequelae are emerging as a public health problem. The above discussion was based on the advisory issued by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

  1. Moreover, there is an overall dysregulation of the immunological condition of the body.
  2. Age is one of the most significant risk factors for the development of post-COVID sequelae.
  3. To effectively diagnose whether the condition you presently have is post-COVID sequelae or not, requires the assistance of an experienced doctor.
  4. Those with comorbidities should take better care of their health.

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