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From Symptoms To Treatment, All That You Need To Know About Omicron

When we talk about the behavior of the new variant Omicron, we haven’t been able to derive much clarity about how easily or how fast it can spread, how severe its symptoms can be, or how well the vaccines we have can protect us from it. Several researchers are constantly doing their part with help […]

First-Ever Case Of Marburg Virus Disease Confirmation In Guinea West Africa – An Insight

The Marburg virus belongs to the family of the same virus that causes Ebola. Even though this disease is rare, it can cause up to 90% fatality in case of an outbreak. It is an animal-borne RNA virus of the filovirus family. There are 7 other types of viruses including Ebola in the filovirus family. […]

Red Alerts: Signs when you should see a Medicine Doctor

Do I really need to see a doctor? Won’t just the over-the-counter medicines suffice? We all have had these questions in mind when a health issue arises. We often tend to avoid a visit to the doctor and consider over-the-counter medicines our only solution. With the rise of Covid-19 since 2020, many of us have […]