Has India Announced The Covid-Booster Shot Roll-Out?

India has already begun rolling out the covid vaccine booster shots. These are the precautionary third doses of the covid vaccine that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced last month.

The vaccine distribution has begun with the health and frontline workers and immunocompromised seniors in light of the current covid spike owing to the Omicron variant.

Data shows that around 5.75 crore Indians are eligible for the third booster dose

Do you need to register to get your booster shot?

The answer is NO. The Indian Health Ministry has clearly announced that the ones eligible for the current booster shot roll out do not need to register for these precautionary vaccine doses. If you are eligible then you can directly book an appointment or walk into a vaccination centre near you to get vaccinated. We have still not been shared any announcement about what is to be done in the next roll-out session.

Who all can get the “Precaution Dose”?

The Indian Citizens belonging to the age group of 60 years and above, with co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases can get the “Precaution Dose” when advised by the covid specialist in Kolkata.

When are you eligible for the Booster Shot?

You will be eligible to take a booster shot exactly 9 months after you get your second dose of vaccine.

Is the Booster Vaccine Shot different from the First 2 Vaccine Shots that have been rolled out?

No, there isn’t any difference. The third dose, which is the booster shot, will be the same vaccine given to you for your first and second doses. There is no need for any sort of mixing and matching. This Means whichever vaccine you have opted for in your first two doses, if you have received the first two doses, you will get the third booster dose of the same vaccine.

What does the current Omicron Scenario look like in India?

Even though our Prime Minister has announced the booster-shots roll out last month itself, in the light of the rising cases of Omicron, we already have come across covid cases of doctors and healthcare workers reported all around the country. There have been several cases where healthcare workers have even contracted the virus for the second time. The metro cities have the highest cases of covid infection among healthcare workers.

Will the Booster Shot Prevent Covid Infection?

The answer is No, again. Be it the booster shot, or the previous two vaccine shots, all vaccines that we currently have are mainly and entirely ‘diseases-modifying’. They will not prevent any infection. The precautionary dose, too, is for the purpose of mitigating the severity of symptoms, and illness caused from infection, reducing risks of hospitalisation and death. In fact, the UK has recently reported that the booster shots are likely to provide vaccinated individuals an 88% protection against hospitalisation & death from Omicron infection.

Why were the Booster Shots rolled out?

The severely dreaded Omicron variant was discovered for the first time in South Africa in November 2021. Since then, several countries around the world have reported rising cases of infection and countries together decided to initiate and expand their booster vaccination programmes. Many countries have also reduced the gap between shots to boost protection against the Omicron Variant.

The Booster Shot has been termed as a “Precaution Dose” by our esteemed Prime Minister. Booster shots for both Covishield and Covaxin are being rolled out. Consult your covid specialist in Kolkata for more details.

Is India Ready to fight a third wave?

More than 91% of adults in India have already received the first dose of vaccine so far. 66% of adults have already taken the first two doses. Yet, there are hundreds of people with underlying health problems who have not yet taken a single shot of vaccine, that still exposes the country to severe illness from covid infection. The highest reports of infection have been made in Maharashtra and now in West Bengal. The number of cases are constantly on the surge.

Is there a difference in Dosage of the first two shots and the booster shot?

The booster vaccine shots that are being distributed currently have a lesser volume as compared to the full vaccine shots, mainly because the booster shots are meant to increase the efficacy of the first two shots of vaccine.

Medical experts expressed possibilities of experiencing some differences in side effects when you compare the first two vaccine shots and the booster vaccine shot. The booster shots have been reported to cause a higher intensity of symptoms in some cases, and the same intensity of symptoms in some. If you experience severe symptoms post the booster shot, or any vaccine shot, make sure to consult a covid specialist near you.