Red Alerts: Signs when you should see a Medicine Doctor

Do I really need to see a doctor? Won’t just the over-the-counter medicines suffice?

We all have had these questions in mind when a health issue arises. We often tend to avoid a visit to the doctor and consider over-the-counter medicines our only solution. With the rise of Covid-19 since 2020, many of us have taken other health conditions lightly while focusing on Covid symptoms only. With Covid creating a menace, we have forgotten that there are by-far other dangerous illnesses with minimal symptoms that need medical attention and can wreak havoc if not diagnosed at the initial stages. 

Moreover, most of us believe that doctors are meant to treat critical illness only and a simple cough and cold can go away just by having warm water. That being said, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention states that the most common reason why one searches for the best medicine doctor in 2012 was cough. 

Yes, a minor cough. 

Having said that, regardless of the situation, we must remember to visit a doctor to treat health issues within the initial stages so that conditions do not run out of our hands later on. Getting in touch with a doctor at the earliest stages ensures accurate diagnosis and better treatment. 

To help you understand when you should get in touch with the doctor without thinking twice, who has listed down some of the most common conditions, such as – 

  • A Persistent High Fever 

Fever acts as an indication for various health disorders. It can indicate a serious infection, virus attack and other major health issues, apart from a cold. In case your body temperature exceeds the normal count and does not seem to drop down it is best to seek medical attention. In case you are experiencing a persistent fever in 2021, it is recommended that you get Covid-19 tested as well. 

  • Sudden Loss of Weight

Weight loss is desired but to a certain level. While we are all against obesity, the leading physicians also recommend seeking medical help if one notices a sudden and unexplained loss of weight. An unexpected loss of weight could also indicate diabetes, thyroid, liver disorders, depression, and several other serious health concerns. 

It is said that if you are not working to lose a few kilos and your body suddenly loses more than 10% of your body weight within the last six months it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

Unless you are obese and working to lose some kilos, do not be fascinated by your weight loss and do not take it lightly. 

  • Short of Breath

Along with fever and cold, shortness of breath is now a red alert. Along with Covid-19, shortness of breath can be a symptom for several other diseases, relating to the respiratory system, nasal passage, mental health and more. You may possibly be at the initial stages of obesity or having a high possibility of bronchitis, asthma, lung disorders and plenty of other health issues. 

Unless you are exercising, at a high altitude, at extreme temperatures or obese, it is best to seek medical attention if you experience shortness of breath escalating day by day. 

  • Bad Cold

Cold today has a different dimension! 

The condition that we took most lightly has now all the attention, all across the globe. But is Covid the only reason why you should go to a doctor on catching a cold? 

Well, the leading physicians say no! 

In case you are tested negative for Covid, and your cold seems to worsen, it is best to seek a doctor. Watch for symptoms like whooping cough, nose congestion, muscle aches, persistent fever, and difficulty in swallowing, chest pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath, headache and other flu-like symptoms. Apart from Covid-19, cold may indicate something more serious that your body is going through. 

Expecting mothers should be more cautious and avoid catching a cold, as then there could be two lives at stake. In case you notice cold or flu-like symptoms, seek medical help immediately. 

And if it’s Covid, you know what to do! 

  • Mood Swings and Confusion

Mood swings are common, but if it stays for long followed by confusion, your mental health is at unrest. Besides, sudden confusion is a symptom of several serious diseases. Also look out for symptoms like irregular sleep patterns, difficulty in concentrating or thinking, feelings of anxiety and depression and more. 

There are other conditions when you should visit a doctor, such as a change in bowel movement, frequent urination or change in urination schedule, interrupted vision or flashes of light interrupting the vision, chest, pelvic and abdominal pain and plenty more. It is best to contact the doctor as and when you experience similar symptoms. Your body can revolt if you are too late and situations can also get fatal. Learn the symptoms and seek a doctor’s help whenever your body behaves unusually. 

Above all, go by your instincts. If your inner-self tells you that you should drop a visit to the physician, you find yourself the best medicine doctor and seek medical attention to aid your concerns.