What is COVID-19?

COVID Care deals with the diagnosis, treatment and cure of coronavirus. Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a newly discovered infectious disease that is said to affect the respiratory system. It can be lethal depending on the immunity of the infected person. However, those with stronger immunity can recover without needing special treatment. 

Coronavirus belongs to the subfamily of Orthocoronavirinae, in the family of Coronaviridae, order Nidovirales, and realm Riboviria. They are known to be enveloped viruses having a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome with a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. 

The COVID-19 pandemic (2019-2020) wreaked havoc to the people worldwide. There have been many deaths, however, the recovery rate seems to exceed the death rate, indicating that the disease can be treated by boosting the immune system, hygiene and respiratory health.  

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The common symptoms of COVID-19 are – 

  1. Dry cough
  2. Fever 
  3. Fatigue
  4. Conjunctivitis 
  5. Loss of taste and smell 
  6. Sore throat 
  7. Headache 
  8. Pains and aches 
  9. Diarrhoea
  10. Skin discolouration 
  11. Rash on the skin 
  12. Chest pain 
  13. Difficulty in breathing
  14. Shortness of breath  

Who are more predisposed?

Gender – As per the WHO (World Health Organization) report, men make up to 51% cases of coronavirus. Till date, the effect on gender is quite unclear and mainly depends on the immunity of the infected person. 

Age – As per WHO (World Health Organization), people aged 30 to 69 are more inclined towards being affected. The virus is lethal for senior citizens. On the contrary, the disease is less fatal for the 20s age group or younger. The affected rate is also low for the mentioned age group, however, even if infected, they are known to show signs of recovery at minimum treatment. 

Pre-existing diseases – Underlying health issues or comorbidities (such as diabetes, respiratory disorder, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, etc.) can augment coronavirus induced symptoms, leading to lethal conditions. Individuals with chronic underlying disease are recommended to take additional precautions.   

How Dr. Amitabha Saha treats COVID-19?

With years of experience (22+ years) and knowledge, Dr. Amitabha Saha has been an active warrior against battling COVID-19. His participation in treating the patient has helped many families stay safe and healthy.


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