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Cancer – How It Feeds On Your Life – The Battle

All of us are aware of Cancer – the name of such a disease that shakes us to the core every time we hear someone going through it. In simple terms, in this disease, the cells of the body start growing uncontrollably and eventually spread to the other parts of the body. The human body is made up of trillions of cells and the most unfortunate thing is that cancer can start almost anywhere in the body. Generally, the cells in the human body multiply and grow through the process of cell division for the formation of new cells. When the old cells grow and become damaged,  they die and newly formed cells take their place. In an unfortunate set of events, it can happen that this systematic process breaks down, and damaged or abnormal cells start growing and multiplying when they should not. There is a programmed cell death process in our body which helps the automatic expiry of old cells. The cellular growth is also controlled by a feedback loop in our body. In unfortunate events these autoregulation and programmed cell-death processes are disrupted leading to the growth of unexpected tumors. In the beginning, tumours have low potency to grow, are less powerful to damage the other tissues, and are unable to spread to the other parts of the body. On the contrary, malignant tumours grow exponentially, spread locally through organs and tissues, and cause metabolic disturbances leading to serious disorders and complications. 

Tumors that are cancerous can spread or invade into the other nearby tissues and can even travel to other distant parts of the body in order to form new tumors. Another term used for cancerous tumors is known as malignant tumors. Cancers can form solid tumors but in cases of blood cancers such as leukemia, this usually does not happen. 

Noncancerous tumors are also known as Benign tumors that do not invade or spread in other tissues. These tumors can be large and in some cases can even prove to be fatal when they develop in the brain. But at the same time, when they are removed, they mostly do not grow back while cancerous tumors can sometimes do. 

Causes of Cancer –

Cancer usually rises from the gradual transformation of the normal cells into tumor cells through abnormal development. This is known to be a multi-stage process that happens to progress from a precancerous lesion to that of a malignant tumor. A person’s genetic factors could also be a solid cause along with these three other categories of external agents: –

  • Carcinogens which are physical, such as ultraviolet rays and ionizing radiation
  • Carcinogens are chemicals, such as the fibrous silicate mineral components of tobacco smoke, aflatoxin which is a family of toxins produced by fungi, and arsenic which is a drinking water contaminant
  • Carcinogens are biological, such as various infections from certain bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Prevention of Cancer:-

The risk of cancer can be eliminated and reduced buy the following suggested ways –

  • Eliminating the complete use of tobacco
  • Making sure that one maintains a healthy body weight
  • Keeping up with a healthy diet which includes all sorts of fruits and vegetables
  • Being physically active and exercising on a day to day basis
  • Eliminating the harmful usage of alcohol
  • Getting properly vaccinated against hepatitis B and HPV if one belongs to a group for which vaccination has been recommended
  • Make sure to avoid ultraviolet radiations which usually come from extreme exposure to the sun and from artificial tanning devices.
  • Ensuring safe usage of radiation in healthcare for the purpose of therapy and diagnosis
  • Avoiding exposure to indoor as well as outdoor air pollution including radon which is known as a radioactive gas that produces itself from the natural decay of uranium and can be accumulated in buildings such as homes and schools and offices.

Treatment of Cancer with Dr. Amitabha Saha

It is important for a cancer patient to be diagnosed in the hands of a specialist in the field as it is usually a matter of life and death. Dr. Amitabha Saha, the best headache doctor near me, is someone who has been an expert in internal medicine and critical care for over 22 years and has gained the popularity he truly deserves. His professional help will deliver you the effective treatment that you essentially require for several problems related to occult malignancy or Carcinoma in relation with anaemia, hypercalcemia, allergic manifestations and more. 

Occult malignancy or Cancer of Unknown Primary is historically defined to prove metastasis of malignant tumours in primary sites which cannot be diagnosed during pre-treatment evaluations. Occult malignancy is often present with general complaints from patients that include problems like anorexia and sudden weight loss.

Occult malignancy can be related to paraneoplastic syndrome as it involves rare disorders that are triggered from altered immunity which can be an effect of occult malignancy or occult tumours. Although rare, paraneoplastic syndrome can be found in patients suffering from cancer. 

The treatments usually include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery when necessary. The foremost goal is to cure cancer or increase the life of the patient while keeping in mind the quality of life is not compromised. 

Cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, and oral cancer usually are the most common ones that have the highest cure rates if they are detected in an early stage and are well treated by professionals.  Some other types of cancers such as the different variations of leukemia and lymphoma in children also happen to have cure rates on the higher side if the treatment given is proper and appropriate. 


It should be no surprise when it is said that one of the leading causes of death throughout the world is cancer. In the year 2020, nearly 10 million deaths took place worldwide because of cancer. This is why cancer should not be taken as a joke by any means and if you are facing any persistent symptoms that are a matter of concern, make an appointment immediately with a healthcare professional in your area. Dr. Amitabha Saha with his expertise is surely the best medicine doctor near me, someone you can rely on as his primary motto in life is to serve you with the best. His enriched experience and training over the years have made him one of the trustworthy specialists that one can choose for themselves.