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All That You Need To Know About Pneumonia To Prevent It

As most of us know, an acute respiratory infection of the lungs is known as pneumonia. Alveoli are the small sacs present inside our body that make up the lungs. The alveoli fill up with air whenever a normal healthy person breathes but when a person is suffering from pneumonia what happens is that the alveoli gets filled up with fluid and puss and eventually makes the whole action of breathing extremely painful which also leads to the limitation in the intake of oxygen by the person. 

One of the single largest infections present in the whole wide world is pneumonia which also causes massive death in children every year. In the year 2019, a total number of 740180 children who were under the age of five were killed because of pneumonia. Pneumonia has the reputation of a disease that affects a lot of children as well as adults all over the world. But it is not that difficult to actually protect individuals from pneumonia with the help of some very basic simple interventions. Pneumonia can easily be treated and its treatment is also not that expensive as well as usually needs very moderate medication and care. 

So if you are someone looking for first-hand knowledge of the disease and doctors who can possibly treat pneumonia or other such related doctors such as bronchitis doctors near me, this article may prove to be helpful.

Transmission of the disease –

It is safe to say that pneumonia can be transmitted from one person to another in some cases while in other cases it may not. There are some particular types of pneumonia that are contagious and can easily spread from one person to another. The type which is caused by viruses or bacteria are usually the contagious ones and can get transmitted when the disease-carrying organisms are accidentally breathed into your lungs. Although it should also be noted that not everyone who is exposed to the germs may develop them in their body. On the other hand, pneumonia which is caused by fungi is not contagious and does not spread from one person to another. The fungi are present in the soil that is why it becomes airborne and eventually, it is inhaled but it does not pass over from person to person. 

The most common way in which pneumonia usually spreads is when the droplets of the fluid containing the bacteria or the virus are somehow launched in the air when the person with the disease sneezes or coughs and then that particular air is inhaled by other people nearby. One can also get the disease if they come in direct contact with an object that has been previously touched by a person having pneumonia or if someone touches a tissue that is used by a person who is infected and then after touching the tissue, they touch their mouth or nose. 

Additionally, patients suffering from asmatic disorders or COPD are prone to all kinds of respiratory infections that can be caused by virus, bacteria, and even fungi leading to a more susceptibility to pneumonia. Patients already suffering from one of the several lung disorders need to be careful and take measures to prevent chances of pneumonia infections. Patients also need to get vaccinated for respiratory disorders in order to stay safe from chances of any unexpected infection. 

Prevention of the disease –

Recommended vaccinations by doctors and regular checkups have to be the best way to prevent the disease. Other than that there are also some very easy to maintain and simple steps by which one can prevent getting infected by pneumonia:-

  1. If someone is a smoker it is suggested for them to quit smoking. It is specifically suggested to avoid sharing cigarettes as it makes a direct way for the disease to spread.
  2. Regular washing of hands before eating, before touching any food items, after returning from the bathroom, and after coming back from the outdoors. Using an alcohol-based sanitizer is a very good option as well.  
  3. Maintaining a healthy diet as well as regularly exercising and getting plenty of rest. Basic healthy habits keep our immunity system strong. 
  4. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol. 
  5. Regular checkups to be treated for any other health condition usually increase the chances of getting the infection. 
  6. Vaccinations are a primary measure to prevent any chance of influenza epidemic and other complications. In Meta-analysis, it has been noticed that the vaccination for influenza significantly reduces the chance of pneumonia related hospitalization with an effectiveness of upto 53%.
  7. Some of the major investigations for pneumonia diagnosis are blood count, CRP, Chest X-ray, sputum examination for gram stain, C/S, Fungal stain, AFB stain, LFT, Kidney Function Tests, and more.
  8. Since tuberculosis is a major disorder spreading through our country, it is also important to pay heed to patients suffering from TB as they are susceptible to pneumonia infections. Patients including the elderly or on steroid therapy are particularly prone to developing pneumonia from tuberculosis.

Treatment of Pneumonia with Dr. Amitabha Saha

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Individuals who lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and have a good immunity system 10 to quickly recover from pneumonia if they are subjected to the proper treatment and care. However, getting infected by pneumonia is no joke and it can turn out to be a serious condition that would be life-threatening for the individual if they leave it unattended and untreated.

Thus in your hunt of getting in touch with a medical specialist, Dr. Amitabha Saha will be just the perfect choice.