Acute Respiratory Infections and Asthma

What are acute respiratory infections and asthma?

Respiratory infections include flu, common cold, pneumonia, COVID-19 and others. These conditions can worsen if one has asthma causing inflammation and even narrowing of the airways. Acute Inflammatory infection can affect both the upper respiratory system (starting from the sinuses and ending at the vocal cords) and the lower respiratory system (starting from your vocal cords and ending at your lungs). 

Serious respiratory infections causing swelling and narrowing of the airways can lead to asthma generating increased mucus, difficulty in breathing and a whistling sound in the chest and fatigue.    

What are the symptoms of acute respiratory infections and asthma?

Some of the common symptoms may include – 

  1. Unusual mucus 
  2. Increased weakness, tiredness and fatigue 
  3. Nasal congestion  
  4. Sore throat 
  5. Headaches 
  6. Pain when swallowing 
  7. Fever 
  8. Shortness of breath 
  9. Difficulty breathing 
  10. Increased mucus when coughing 
  11. Scratchy throat 
  12. Uneasy sleep 
  13. Runny nose 
  14. Increased coughing (especially at night) 
  15. Body aches  

Who are more predisposed?

Gender It has been reported that males belonging to the age group of 13-14 are slightly more affected by asthma or other respiratory disorders. Whereas, the chances of asthma increases in females post-puberty. Before the age of 12 boys are inclined towards being admitted to the hospital due to respiratory disorders, including asthma. With age and occupation, the risk of respiratory disorders and asthma increases both between men and women.     

Age – Children and older adults are prone to be suffering from respiratory disorders. However, older adults are slightly on the riskier side of getting affected by asthma owing to their deteriorating immune system. 

Pre-existing diseases – Genes play a pivotal role in transferring respiratory disorders and asthma from one to another within the family. Obesity can also trigger asthma. Also, patients with influenza and pneumonia can be affected by asthma and other respiratory infections.  

How Dr. Amitabha Saha treats acute respiratory infections and asthma? 

Acute respiratory infections and asthma can reduce the quality of living. Dr. Amitabha Saha knows how to cure and reduce the adverse effects of acute respiratory infection and asthma with the help of quality diagnosis and treatment.


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