Chronic Abdominal Diseases

What are chronic abdominal diseases? 

Chronic abdominal diseases are ailments of the organs present around or in the abdomen. The exact reason behind a chronic abdominal disease is at times hard to find however the symptoms, the location of the pain and the severity of the pain can help in determining the disease-associated to the pain.  

Abdominal disease leading to abdominal pain may have several potential causes out of which the common reasons are gas pains, pulled muscle, indigestion which anomaly not serious and can be treated at the comfort of one’s home with over-the-counter medications. 

Chronic abdominal pain can be both intermittent and episodic and can linger on for which two months or even years depending on the cause and severity of the disease. Some conditions may also lead to progressive pain that can get worsened over time.

What are the symptoms of chronic abdominal diseases?

The most common symptoms of chronic abdominal diseases are – 

  1. Bleeding with urination accompanied by a sharp pain
  2. Painful urination
  3. Blood in stool
  4. Constipation
  5. Diarrhoea
  6. Vomiting
  7. Bloating and gas 
  8. Unintentional and unexpected weight loss
  9. Disturbance in the bowel or bladder functions
  10. Stunted growth

Who are more predisposed?

Gender – Women reported to have severe abdominal pain going to chronic abdominal diseases more than men. However, it also depends on the lifestyle of the patient to find out the cause behind abdominal pain. Improper diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, excessive intake of fast and fatty food can lead to abdominal disorders in both men and women.

Age – Children are reported to suffer from functional abdominal pain going to chronic abdominal disease due to an imbalanced diet and lack of activity. Obesity in children can also lead to abdominal disorders and can result in other chronic diseases in the near future. Older adults with deteriorating immunity power and organ health can also suffer from chronic abdominal diseases leading to serious abdominal pain.

Pre-existing diseases – Several pre-existing diseases along with a family history of functional abdominal disorders can be the cause behind the transfer of the disease within the future generation of the family.

How Dr. Amitabha Saha treats chronic abdominal diseases? 

Chronic abdominal diseases can be battles with quality treatment. Get in touch with Dr. Amitabha Saha for advanced diagnosis, treatment and prevention of chronic abdominal diseases. Dr. Amitabha Saha is an expert in understanding the symptoms that help in analyse the severity of the condition based on which diagnostic tests are recommended and depending on the reports the medications are prescribed.


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